Former Officer Withdraws from the Chinese Communist Party

By Gu Xiaohua, Epoch Times
January 25, 2009 Updated: January 26, 2009

48 year-old Chinese Communist Party (CCP) cadre, Zhu Zhiqiang, a resident of Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, issued a statement on January 10 where, using his real name, he declared his membership in the CCP null and void.

Ever since Zhu exposed the illegal behavior of his superior at a Party meeting in 1999, he has been the victim of retaliation within the party. He was stripped of his position and no longer has any way to support himself, as he has no house, work, or health insurance.

Notably, since giving interviews to overseas media, Zhu has become a principle target of harassment and surveillance by local communist authorities.

Zhu enlisted in the military in 1981 and later became a captain in charge of fleet management in Nanjing Military Region. In 1994 he was demobilized and sent to work as a civilian cadre in the Nanjing Goods & Materials Group Corporation.

Since 1999 he has been appealing to the highest authorities for help with his plight, but has gained nothing from his efforts. During the 2008 Olympic Games, he was warned by the CCP not to appeal in Beijing lest he be arrested and branded an “anti-party element.”

Zhu said that from his own experiences he came to see the true nature of the CCP and, in his statement, gave four reasons why he decided to withdraw his membership.

“First the CCP is not a party of service to the people. Second, the CCP is far from democratic, refusing to open the way for the free airing of viewpoints and taking responsibility for the supervision of the people. Third, the CCP’s actions are always at odds with their promises. Fourth, the CCP always plays vicious tricks against defenseless people,” he said.

Commenting on the wave of party withdrawals in recent years, Zhu said, “During the massive tide of Party withdrawals, over 40 million Chinese people have submitted statements to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations.”

“It is of great significance,” he said.

“It is frightening to think of the horrors that quitting the CCP would have led to before. Today, many Chinese people can stand up bravely and publish their statements of quitting the CCP. This is a progressive step. Now that the CCP does not stand for the interests of the overwhelming majority of the people, it is meaningless for the CCP to continue to exist.”