Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush Endorses Romney

March 21, 2012 Updated: March 21, 2012

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush announced on Wednesday that he would endorse Republican candidate Mitt Romney for president.

“It’s time for GOP to unite [and] take our message of fiscal conservatism [and] job creation to all voters,” Bush stated on his Twitter account.

Romney commented on Bush endorsing his presidential bid, stating on Twitter, “March 21st is turning into a pretty big day.”

Bush said that Romney would be “a leader who understands the economy, recognizes more government regulation is not the answer, believes in entrepreneurial capitalism, and works to ensure that all Americans have the opportunity to succeed,” CNN reported.

As the brother and son of two former presidents, Bush was viewed as a possible presidential candidate earlier this year, but declined to enter the race. However, his subsequent endorsement was highly sought after by the remaining GOP candidates.

On Tuesday, Romney got 47 percent in the Illinois vote, leading his rival, Rick Santorum, by 12 percent.