Former Chinese Military Cadre Reveals CCP Persecution and Urges Withdrawal

August 16, 2005 Updated: August 21, 2015

We are representatives of the military cadres who have been transferred to business in 13 provinces and areas. We have already declared our withdrawals from the evil Chinese Communist Part. Hereby, we will reveal the persecution brought against us by the Communist Party for appealing legally for our rights. We also call upon the general military forces cadres to withdraw from the evil Communist Party.

We are all military cadres who have been transferred to business. To defend our legal rights, around 600 military cadre representatives were finally able to arrive in Beijing on June 7th, 2004 after breaking through many blockades and obstructions by the levels and levels of local authorities. We were confident and had hope that the Party would discuss the current problems with us.

However, the environment surrounding the appeal was very bad. [The CCP] used hostile means to treat the appealing military cadre representatives. The personal freedoms of those representatives were violated to the extreme, and their personal safety could not be guaranteed. For example, in Shandong Province, they used hostile methods like surveillance, tailing, harassment, and blockades as well as other methods to treat the appealing cadre representatives.

They also sent public security spies and agents to capture the appealing representatives. These are serious violations of human rights and a violation of the constitution. Even more malicious was the fact that the Hebei Baoding agency unexpectedly took the family members, daughters in law, sons in law, grandchildren and other relatives of the military cadres as hostages, and forced them to go and urge the cadres to withdraw their appeal. They also used force and violence to stop the representatives from leaving a bus station. These are the brutal actions of the evil fascist party thugs.

We clearly recognize the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party now. We feel that being a member of this evil Party is the greatest shame. Their actions surpass the facts exposed by The Epoch TimesNine Commentaries.

In this situation, being the representatives of our fellow military allies and cadres who have been transferred, we feel really helpless. Looking at western countries, what country would not take care of their retired servicemen? Their World War II veterans (not even officers) receive good treatment everywhere. Taiwanese veterans are always taken care of whatever agencies they are transferred to. The Party’s goal of transferring us to business was to deprive us of our status of cadres. Our lives are miserable, our financial and political situation is really bad, Where should we go to voice our complaints? Let’s not be deluded anymore!

We hereby call upon, and hope that every military cadre visits The Epoch TimesTuidang (Quit the CCP)website to declare his withdrawal from the evil Communist Party, so that this evil Party collapses as soon as possible. Without the evil Chinese Communist Party, the righteous and kind-hearted Chinese people will for sure witness the glory of the Chinese history once again.