Forced-Abortion Campaign Continues in Guangxi, China

April 19, 2007 Updated: April 19, 2007

More than five dozen infants have been killed in a massive forced-abortion campaign in China's Guangxi Province in the past two days.

Officials from the Population and Family Planning Commission in Baise City, Guangxi, have seized at least 61 women and forcibly transported them to the Youjiang District People's Hospital of Baise City, where the women have been injected with drugs to kill their unborn children.

Many of the women appear to be Christians who became pregnant accidentally and would not voluntarily terminate the pregnancies for ethical and religious reasons.

The Chinese communist regime only allows a single child per couple.

Eyewitnesses report that on April 17, Family Planning officials rounded up forty pregnant women, removing them forcibly from their homes, and on April 18, at least 20 more were seized and taken to the Baise City People's Hospital to have their pregnancies terminated.

One of the women, Ms. He Caigan, was 9 months pregnant. Family Planning officials injected her unborn baby with a chemical that killed it within twenty minutes.

Ms. Wei Linrong, wife of pastor James Liang, was given three injections, two to kill her child and one to induce labor. She delivered a stillborn son at about 6 a.m. on April 18th. She was seven months pregnant.

Since it began, the forced-abortion campaign has taken the lives of at least at least 61 babies.

After China Aid first reported the forced-abortion campaign on April 18, Public Security Bureau officers have surrounded the wing of the hospital where the expectant mothers are being held.

CAA has also learned a Christian woman in Laiyang city, Shandong province is facing a forced abortion. Ms. Hui Xu, 39, accidentally became pregnant with her second child 6 months ago. She and her husband are now facing increasing pressure from the local family planning office to have an abortion; if they do not do so voluntarily they will be forced to.