Confused Pup Didn’t Know Owner Was Abandoning Her, Waits 10 Years for His Return

April 21, 2019 Updated: April 26, 2019

The qualities of loyalty, devotion, and unconditional love are something that you can expect from dogs. Whether you’re in poverty or prosperity, in good health or sickness, they stand by you. Imagine the plight of a dog who has been shunned by its owners and waits patiently every single day for them to return.

A dog named Bokshil found herself in a similar situation after she was abandoned by her owner. Every morning she waits at the entrance of the apartment near the guardhouse, watching intently as residents pass by. She has been on the same routine for almost a decade now in unwavering hope that one day her owner will come back to pick her up.

Illustration – Shutterstock | Melnychuk Iren

A kind lady who feeds the dog daily said in an interview with SBS TV: “I heard the owner left it behind while moving. [The owner] probably lacked the resources to raise a dog.”

According to residents, Bokshil has been a regular visitor at the apartment for 10 years now. Her daily routine includes waiting at the entrance and running after strangers whom she mistakes to be her owner.

“나 지금도 여기 있어요..”

“나 지금도 여기 있어요..”어린강아지였던 복실이가 할머니가 다 되도록평생 한 자리를 떠나지 않는 이유..A puppy waited until she became a grandmaA dog stays in place for ten years…What's her secret..?

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The dog would’ve been in a terrible situation if it was not for the kindhearted neighbors who leave food and water for her every day. They have even tried to move Bokshil to a safer place, but she doesn’t relent and prefers to stay put at the same spot.

At nightfall, Bokshil quietly walks towards the dog house that the residents have provided for her. She takes shelter there and gets back to her regular routine the next morning.

Some of the neighbors who were deeply concerned about her welfare even took her to a veterinarian. She was diagnosed with senile cataract, a condition that prevents her from recognizing people from a distance.

Illustration – Shutterstock | David Prahl

People across social media have also expressed their concern for the abandoned pooch.

One social media user wrote: “I wish the owner who drop that innocent dog is watching and his/her will be heartbroken seeing the dog nearly a decade waiting. What a shame! Thank you to the warm hearted citizens who takes care for her, God bless you more fold.”

Another added, “Why dont someone adopt her n [sic] give her a forever new home n owner?”

“Someone should adopt this faithful dog!! If every house adopt a pet, there will be lesser stray animals on the street!! This world is full of in uncompassionate!!” said another.

Though it has been such a long time, determined Bokshil hasn’t given up on her owner. This incident clearly highlights that her faith is unwavering despite all the ordeals she faces.

The fact that such a wonderful creature was abandoned is disconcerting, to say the least. We hope Bokshil gets an opportunity to be reunited with her owner.