Food Network Chef Arrested For Planning Murder

May 17, 2010 Updated: May 17, 2010

Food Network chef Juan Carlos Cruz was taken into custody by police in California for allegedly offering money to homeless men to commit a murder in Los Angeles.

The Food Network chef, known as the “Calorie Commando,” was arrested Thursday after he asked three homeless people to murder a woman he transported in his car on a daily basis. The homeless men promptly turned him into the police after the offer.

Sgt. Jay Trisler from the Santa Monica police believes that the arrest was made on solid ground with sufficient evidence. The three homeless men that turned Cruz in for his offer of only $1,000 assisted the police with the investigation.

Working with police, the homeless men called Cruz to provide proof of the murderous plot. Trisler spoke with the Associated Press about why he thought the homeless men were willing to work with the police.

“They felt confident that they could divulge this information and be treated fairly and be listened to," Sgt. Trisler told the Associated Press

A TMZ report indicates that Cruz was most likely trying to kill his wife. He offered the homeless men $1,000 to follow him, pick up a woman, and, when she entered the car, slit her throat.

Cruz allegedly gave the homeless men halves of 10 $100 bills, a box cutter, a pre-paid phone, and a watch. They were promised the other halves of the $100 bills if the “dirty deeds” were done.