Flying Girl in Russia? (Video)

January 9, 2011 Updated: September 29, 2015

A video showing a girl levitating in the woods, supposedly filmed in Russia, has recently attracted a lot of attention on the Internet.

The video, titled “Flying girl in Russian wood,” was posted by YouTube user Jevgenij2000 on March 2, 2009. It has attracted over 137,000 views to date, with most views being after Jan. 4, 2011.

“I have [recorded] this video while going for a long walk with my dog. I [can’t] explain myself what was [happening] there,” Jevgenij2000 wrote in the video description.

The video, which runs for 44 seconds, initially shows him playing fetch with his dog. Then off to the right appears a little girl floating in the air, in horizontal position with her upper body slightly elevated. A lady, standing on the ground close to the girl, is watching her.

The dog barks, and the girl quickly descends and runs away with the lady.

Buddhist and Daoist cultivation practices believe that people who have cultivated well and have opened their meridian channels are able to levitate and fly.

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