Flying Dragon Shot by Security Camera in China

July 18, 2007 Updated: July 18, 2007

Note, the video footage is at end of this article.

A flying dragon was recently seen in the infra-red security camera of a residential building in western China.

On July 10, Chengdu Television in China's Sichuan province broadcast footage showing a dragon-like creature swiftly entering the screen and then flying away.

The footage was said to be shot on July 6 by the infra-red security camera of a residential building in Chengdu. The dragon-like creature is seen coming out from the building's front door and flying toward the lower right hand corner of the camera. Since the camera was fixed, it was not able to shoot where the dragon went.

A resident in Chengdu who does not want to be identified said she recorded the footage of the flying dragon from Chengdu Television's Good Morning Chengdu and made copies of it in order to spread the news.

According to this resident, the original footage has been destroyed as ordered by Chinese authorities.

Another resident said that he seldom watches TV, but when he found out about the re-broadcasting of the flying-dragon footage he was determined to watch it. Chengdu Television re-broadcast the footage many times, according to him.

“My whole family saw this amazing scene!” he exclaimed.

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The short footage is played three times in this video; the third time is in slow motion. The flying dragon emerges from the front door about 20 seconds after the video has started.