Flying Car Crashes in Canada; Two Injured

May 12, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Flying car crashes: Two people were left injured in Canada after an experimental flying car crashed into a tree last week, it was reported.

The car hit a fence on Friday morning before hitting the tree in the British Columbia town of Vernon, reported The Canadian Press.

“It seemed there was an anomaly on our approach to landing,” pilot Ray Siebring told the Press. “It was just a sharp left turn that turned into a spiral, so the spiral took at least three rotations.

He added: ”I experienced one of those … moments where time slows down. The training kicked in so that we were able to operate the aircraft and move it to a safe area.”

Royal Canadian Mounted Police spokesperson Gord Molendyk said the Maverick flying craft took off from Vernon, located in the south-central portion of British Columbia.

“It looked like it was on its approach,” Molendyk told the CBC. “There was motor sound and people looked up and it got into trouble and came through the fence and into the trees here.”

He said the pilot and passenger were pulled from a tree, located near a school.

They suffered minor injuries in the incident and were released from the hospital shortly after.