Forum Discusses Hope for China’s Future

January 6, 2009 Updated: October 1, 2015

Ms. Li Ping Zhao tells of the horrors she and her family faced under the rule of the Chinese communist regime, during a forum in New York City. (Sun Mingguo/The Epoch Times)
Ms. Li Ping Zhao tells of the horrors she and her family faced under the rule of the Chinese communist regime, during a forum in New York City. (Sun Mingguo/The Epoch Times)
FLUSHING, NY—Chinese residents of Flushing, New York held a forum on the publication of the Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party, and its impact on the millions of Chinese who are publically withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) – a movement that is sweeping through China.

Held on Nov. 23 at the China Democracy Journal office, members of the local community were joined by China experts to discuss how the Nine Commentaries, attributed as the spark behind the "Quit the CCP," movement, has brought about an awakening in Chinese people, and exposed the “evil nature” of the CCP.

The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party is an award-winning periodical series published by The Epoch Times that exposes the true history of the CCP. After its publication in 2004, people throughout China began stating their withdrawals from the CCP and its affiliated organizations: the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers Team.

Chairman of the Global Service Center for Quitting the CCP, Professor Dayong Li, described the Nine Commentaries as “nine spiritual atomic bombs.” He noted that, since the opening of the Global Service Center for Quitting the CCP in Flushing, Queens on February 22, 2005, the number of declarations for withdrawal from the CCP has surpassed 45 million.

With support from media such as New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV) and Sound of Hope Radio, who broadcast via satellite into mainland China, as well as through the help of democracy activists, volunteers, and people persecuted by the CCP, such as Falun Gong adherents, large numbers of Chinese have become aware of the Nine Commentaries.

Speaking via video, pro-democracy activist Ms. Sheng Xue, Vice President of the Federation for a Democratic China, said that the Nine Commentaries successfully exposed what Chinese communism is all about. She elaborated that when people recognize the evil nature of the Chinese Communist regime, they will distance themselves from it.

Another Pro-democracy activist, Wei Jingsheng, also speaking via video, said the Nine Commentaries was very educational. “People are starting to give up hope on the regime, now that they are able to see clearly that the days of the Chinese Communist regime are numbered,” he said.

Wei compared the CCP to “rats on a sinking ship,” saying that when members of the communist party start to denounce it, and when CCP officials start to send their money to relatives overseas, it’s easy to see that the “vessel” is on its way down.

Suppressed Voices

Zhendong He, a musician, told those who were present at the meeting how he was censored when trying to send a note to his father, celebrating his 88th birthday. An advertisement of his was soon rejected, because the message to his father carried criticism of China's regime.

He told the story to illustrate how the Chinese regime influences overseas media to muzzle and suppress voices not favorable to them. Such tactics used by the CCP are explained in the Nine Commentaries. Mr. He also told how the regime arrests anyone who reads or spreads the Nine Commentaries in China so as to try and keep people from learning the truth.

BuoQiao Tang, spokesperson for the China Interim Government – a group that is working to help China transition to democracy when the CCP collapses – said that the greatest contribution of the Nine Commentaries to the Chinese people is the “spiritual awakening” it has brought about.

“As the 'Quit the CCP' movement grew, more and more people were able to recognize the true, evil nature of the CCP,” he said. “People were now able to overcome their fear towards the CCP; to stand up for their rights.”

“The Quit the CCP movement was the best non-violent movement to disintegrate the CCP,” he continued, describing the movement as being “like a wind that has blown the CCP away without the use of a single soldier.”

Buo said that since the foundation of the China Interim Government, Chinese people were approaching them to register as citizens of the future government. He said the future government would promise the right for its people to speak out and protest against unjust measures. “The end of the communist era is not too far,” he said.

CCP "is the problem"

Chairman of the China Democracy Party World Union, Wang Jun, said that a claim in the Nine Commentaries that only without the CCP can China move towards a new era, rang true.

“The way the CCP treated its people during the Sichuan earthquake was enough to show people that they could never rely on the communist party,” Mr. Jun said.

“To judge whether a Chinese person truly believes in democracy depends on whether he or she has quit the CCP,” he said.

Mr. TianLiang Zhang, current affair commentator from NTDTV, stated that it was a misconception to rely on the CCP to solve China’s problem. “But the CCP, as the Nine Commentaries points out, is the problem.”

Professor TianXiao Li, from Columbia University described the Nine Commentaries as the third eye on China. It provided an alternative for the people to break away from the link spiritually from the Communist Party. It left the regime no chance to stop this movement, because changes came from the heart of the people.

Ms. Li Ping Zhao, whose family were members of the Red Army, said that she had quit the CCP after reading the Nine Commentaries using her real name, (some use an alias to ensure their safety from the regime.) After that she joined the team of volunteers to help other people quit the Chinese Communist Party.

Ms. Zhao has now managed to help over 2,000 people quit the CCP. She also shared about how her family had been victimized by the various political movements of the CCP. Many of her family members had been persecuted to death, she said, just because she comes from a rich family.

Those present concluded their meeting with a shared belief that the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and the Quit the CCP movement are the only hope China has of moving into a new era.