Flubber Movie: Quotes From Robin Williams Character Professor Philip Brainard (+Video)

Flubber may have been one of Robin Williams more under-appreciated roles, but the movie definitely ranks as a classic.

Check out some of the best quotes from Williams character Professor Philip Brainard below.


I love you with every cell, with every atom. I love you on a subatomic level.

If we were interested in making money, we wouldn’t have become teachers.

This definitely has applications in the field of sports. Ho, ho, ho! Yes!

Well, I could make it a lot easier for you. If you give us a 30 day extension on the loan, I’ll tell you everything I know… and make you a great deal of Flubber.

Ta-ta, my love.


Professor Philip Brainard: I was just gonna, you know, grade my lunch, eat a few tests and hope for the best.

Martha George (Edie McClurg): How do you hold it in?

Professor Philip Brainard: Well, like everybody else, Ruthie. I just cross my legs real tight.

Martha George: I was talking about your excitement.


Wilson Croft (Christopher McDonald): What happened between us, Phil?

Professor Philip Brainard: Well, I just got tired of you stealing my ideas, Wilson.


Wilson Croft: I’m not an innovator like you, Phil. I’m an adapter, and to that end, I have profited from your ideas.

Professor Philip Brainard: Why are you here?

Wilson Croft: Well, to be honest. I’m here this weekend to steal your fiancee. And make her my wife.

Professor Philip Brainard: Well, I think you’ll be sadly disappointed.


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