Floyd Mayweather vs Marcos Maidana: Coach Says Maidana Doing Well in Preparations

Both Marcos Maidana and Floyd Mayweather have started their training for a the rematch, slated to happen in September.

Maidana’s coach, Raul Robles, said the Argentine boxer is doing well in his preparations for the Sept. 13 fight, according to BoxingScene.com.

“[Maidana] did many exercises for flexibility, strength, he did crunches, medicine ball exercises, but the start has been encouraging,” he said.

Robles and trainer Robert Garcia are currently prepping Maidana for the Las Vegas fight, doing so out of Southern California.

According to BoxingNews.com, Garcia said Maidana will weigh in at 150 pounds to 152 pounds for the bout. Maidana fought at 165 pounds when he faced Mayweather in May.

“Probably 55. No even. 50-52, somewhere around there,” Garcia was quoted as saying. As BoxingNews notes, if Maidana weighs less than 160, he’ll be giving up his only advantage in the fight.

“With Maidana weighing in the 160s for his last couple of fights, he might not be able to fight in the 150s without him being weakened. Usually when a fighter goes up in weight, they have to stay at that weight in order for them to keep their strength. If they take the weight off to fight in a lower weight class, then they end up weakened in the process,” the website says.

For his part, Mayweather also began training for the Maidana fight, and a video was uploaded to YouTube showing him hitting the pads with his uncle, Roger Mayweather.

According to Pro Boxing Fans, Mayweather has been training in Los Angeles, rather than Las Vegas.

Last Monday, the two fighters did a press conference in Manhattan’s Times Square. Mayweather said, “The same thing that happened yesterday when Germany won against Argentina is the same thing that’s going to happen on Sept. 13.” Maidana is Argentinian.

“Am I fighting a boxer or am I fighting an MMA fighter … I don’t know … elbows, you know,” he said. He added, “Check the Forbes list … it’s all about Money May all day,” later saying that “this is the last time you’ll ever see a champion like this.”