Floyd Mayweather Next Fight: Should Money Take on the Winner of Kell Brook vs Shawn Porter?

Floyd Mayweather is slated to fight Marcos Maidana in a rematch in September, but fans are already looking forward to Mayweather’s first fight of 2015, speculating about possible opponents.

Amir Khan has emerged as a top candidate if the long awaited Mayweather vs Pacquiao bout doesn’t happen.

But blog Boxing News 24 says that Khan might not be a credible opponent due to his resume at welterweight and losses to boxers at a lower weight.

Danny Garcia is another possible opponent for the 2015 fight.

But the blog says that the best opponent may be the winner of Kell Brook vs Shawn Porter.

“In my opinion this is the most dangerous fight for both boxers and the most dangerous and anticipated fight of the year. Rarely do we see two boxers so seemingly well matched at the top of there game putting everything on the line and in my book that scores some big points in my book for credibility and pure entertainment factor. Any way you slice the situation will the best most deserving man get his shot?” the blog said.

“For the good of the sport and Mayweather’s legacy he must choose wisely who do you choose and why? I’ve only selected a few boxers here but there are many more that I don’t discount but I cant list them all and give my reasons for every boxer. But my pick is the winner of Kell Brook vs Shawn Porter as that fight has so much on the line and both boxers are so well matched.”

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