Florida Woman Randomly Stabs Cop in Arm Before She Is Shot and Killed

September 4, 2020 Updated: September 4, 2020

A police officer has been cleared following a fatal shooting that showed a Florida woman stabbing her in the arm with a knife.

The State Attorney for the Fourth Judicial Court in northeast Florida ruled that the shooting of the woman, identified as Leah Baker, was justified, WEAR13 reported. The incident occurred on Easter Sunday in 2020.

In the clip, the female officer arrives at the door, and Baker is seen rushing out with a large knife. She is then seen stabbing the officer in the arm.

“I’ve just been [expletive] stabbed,” the officer said over her radio as she backed away.

The officer then tells Baker to drop the knife and get on the ground before she fired two shots. The woman then attempts to pick up the knife as the officer fires the shots and stands unmoving. She is then seen picking up the knife again and runs at another officer before the officer fires more shots.

According to News4Jax, as Baker was still on the ground, a police K-9 grabs hold of her leg and she started hitting the dog. An officer can be heard yelling “stop hitting my dog,” as another officer rushes to grab the knife.

Officials said the woman was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

Family members told local news outlets that Baker suffered from mental illness.

“I can’t condone my daughter’s actions, but at the same time I have fought with different hospitals to get the help she needed,” Charity Baker, the mother of Leah Baker, told News4Jax. “I had her in what I thought was a safe house,” she said in July. “She did suffer from mental illness. I never thought the police would kill my daughter.”