Florida Teen Was Scared to Leave Country With Former Coach

December 3, 2017 Updated: December 3, 2017

The Florida teen who ran away with a boy’s soccer coach in Columbia County was afraid to leave the country with him, according to court documents.

Caitlyn Frisina was located safe in New York on Friday, Dec. 1, while her former coach, Rian Rodriguez, 27, has been arrested and charged for interference with a child’s custody, reported CBS.

According to the arrest warrant affidavit, one of Frisina’s friends told her parents that Rodriguez wanted to leave the country with the 17-year-old teen but “she didn’t know how to get out [of] it and if she did he would mess up her life.”

Frisina’s parents also discovered messages on Snapchat of a sexual nature between the teen and Rodriguez after her disappearance, according to the news station citing the affidavit.

The affidavit also said that Frisina’s high school investigated a rumor in August that the teen and Rodriguez were in a relationship but ultimately concluded it was false.

Investigators were told that a friend of Rodriguez that he questioned the soccer coach about taking Caitlyn to a corn maze, the court document said.

On Dec. 1, New York State Police officer in Syracuse saw the car, a 2001 red Mercury Sable, that the Rodriguez and Frisina were believed to be in.

The officer pulled the car over and took Rodriguez into custody without incident. Frisina was detained and her family was told she was located, the sheriff’s office said.

Frisina was reunited with her family on Dec. 2, reported CBS. Her parents, Scarlet and Ward Frisina, spoke about the tearful reunion.

“We’re looking forward to a lot more time together,” Scarlet Frisina told the news station. “We had a very beautiful, wonderful, very emotional reunion with her a little while ago and we are so thankful to have her back.”

“It’s been difficult. I’m glad to have my daughter back where I know I can protect her and keep her safe, as a father always wants to do,” said Ward Frisina.

Court documents show Rodriguez is due in Onondaga court on Dec. 4, reported CBS.

Jack Phillips contributed to this report.

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