Florida Recount Update: Voters File Long-Shot Lawsuit

December 6, 2016 Updated: December 6, 2016

Voters in Florida have filed a lawsuit to try and initiate a recount of the state’s Nov. 8 presidential election results, following efforts made in other battleground states.

 The lawsuit was officially filed in Leon Circuit Court, according to a Tallahassee Democrat report. The suit, filed by three voters, claims that Hillary Clinton won the vote over Donald Trump.

They claim that hacking and malfunctioning voting machines led to an incorrect vote tally, without providing much in terms of evidence. They cited anecdotal accounts of voting problems on Election Day.

“The number of uncounted votes, together with the illegal votes and the lack of integrity of the voting machines, is more than sufficient to call in doubt the results of the election,” the lawsuit states.

Trump won Florida by more than 112,000 votes.

Clint Curtis, a lawyer representing the three voters, told the paper that the lawsuit may not even get a response before Dec. 19, when the Electoral College meets to elect Trump as president.

“They can ignore it entirely,” Curtis told the Democrat, referring to Republican Gov. Rick Scott, 29 presidential electors in Florida, and Trump himself.

Recounts in Michigan and Wisconsin have started, with Wisconsin entering its sixth day and Michigan’s recount efforts starting Monday. A federal lawsuit was filed in Pennsylvania to secure a recount.

The Wisconsin Election Commission, in a recent update, has indicated that there is virtually no change in the vote tally for either Clinton or Trump after several days. Trump won the state by 20,000 votes, meaning it’s very unlikely for the state to flip.