Florida Man Outraged Over How Special Needs Daughter Was Treated on Bus

February 3, 2016 Updated: February 4, 2016

A Florida man is outraged over how his daughter, a child with special needs, was treated on the school bus.

Chris Kain’s 6-year-old daughter is enrolled at Palencia Elementary School in St. John’s County. According to News4Jax.com, the unnamed girl was mistreated verbally and physically.

The girl told Kain one time that she had a bad day at school, saying something bad had happened on the bus. However, she did not elaborate, and Kain took the matter into his hands.

Kain pushed to get bus surveillance footage from the school, which showed a bus aide mistreating the girl.

“It’s horrifying because my daughter never told us any of this,” Kain told News4Jax. “We knew there had to be something on there and we had no idea that it was this bad.”

In the footage, the aides are shown restraining his daughter, holding her arms above the seat.

Another video showed an aide telling the girl he would “pinch her back” if she touched him. “I will,” he told her.

“They need to understand that she’s emotionally disabled and they need to talk to her, and talk her through,” Kain told the station.

After the videos were released, three employees at the school received letters of reprimand from the district.

(H/T: IJ Lift)