Florida Man in Critical Condition After Vicious Attack by Pit Bulls

January 8, 2018 Updated: January 8, 2018

A Florida man was left seriously injured after being mauled by a pack of pit bulls on Saturday, Jan. 6.

Tony Elliot, 55, was walking in his Lauderhill, Florida, neighborhood around 10 p.m. when he was savaged by three pit bulls.

The dogs’ owner told police that he was cleaning the dogs’ cage when the canines escaped from the fenced-in yard and onto the street, reported Local10.

Neighbors and the dogs’ owner got the dogs off of Elliot, who suffered puncture wounds to his face, both calves, and feet, along with a four-inch laceration to his left cheek.

The owner voluntarily surrendered the dogs to the authorities, saying they “can’t be trusted.”

No criminal or civil charges have been pressed as of yet.

Elliot’s mother, Shirley Ace, said the dogs should have been removed by owners after they previously attacked three people in October.

“I know these people that the dog belongs to. I don’t want to say anything to hurt them, but the dogs should have been gone a long time (ago),” Ace told Local10.

Elliot remains in intensive care at the Broward Health Medical Center, reported CBS.

Lauderhill police have partnered with Animal Control to investigate those previous attacks and criminal charges may be brought, the broadcaster reported.


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