Florida Man Gets Life Sentence for Child Pornography

December 11, 2017 Updated: December 11, 2017

A 32-year-old Florida man was sentenced to life in prison for sending a 9-year-old girl explicit text messages. She lived 700 miles from him.

Scott Trader, of Port St. Lucie, got the lengthy sentence after pleading guilty to multiple child pornography and sexual abuse charges in September, reported the Miami Herald.

A father in Thomasville, North Carolina, looked at his daughter’s phone and found the explicit text messages from Trader on the SayHi app. He made the discovery in May.

The father called the police on May 30, who then notified Homeland Security before they found the messages from Trader. In the exchange, he repeatedly asked for photos of the girl.

Trader also sent the child a crude video of himself and a number of other photos via the app.

The SayHi profile included Trader’s Kik username. Homeland Security contacted the app to make an emergency disclosure request, and they ended up finding Trader’s personal information.

Trader was found by Homeland Security on June 1. When they raided his home, where he lived with his wife, officials found an external hard drive and a laptop with child pornography. They found disturbing images involving Trader, the Herald reported.

In one video, he was seen sexually abusing two young girls entrusted to his care, The Associated Press reported. The abuse lasted from November 2014 through May 2017 during which he recorded multiple videos.

Trader also pleaded guilty to distributing large quantities of these images to others on the Internet.


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