Florida Man Confesses to Murders of George Floyd Protesters Found Dead: Documents

June 21, 2020 Updated: June 21, 2020

A Florida man openly confessed to the murders of two women who were reportedly involved in Black Lives Matter protests earlier this month, according to court documents and an arrest report.

Aaron Glee Jr. gave a full account of kidnapping 19-year-old protester Oluwatoyin Salau and 75-year-old Victoria Sims, a volunteer.

“While at the hospital, Glee had made voluntary admissions to officers guarding him that he had murdered two women in Tallahassee,” documents said, according to the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper. “He would also place a telephone call to his mother and make these same admissions.”

Later on, he “would admit in detail that on different dates, he had kidnapped and murdered both (Salau) and Sims,” the documents said.

The report noted that Glee began speaking to Salau on June 6 at a bus stop on Apalachee Parkway before she told him that she had been sexually assaulted earlier that day. Salau posted about her assault on Twitter.

Glee then offered to take her to his house to sleep and called Sims, who picked both of them up in her white sedan, according to the documents.

Epoch Times Photo
Oluwatoyin Salau in a selfie file photo. (Oluwatoyin Salau / Instagram selfie)

Footage showed that Salau also arrived at the Apalachee Parkway stop.

“That footage also demonstrated that she and Glee did engage in an extended conversation while seated on a bench at the bus stop,” the arrest report said. “At approximately 7:07 p.m., a white Toyota, the same make and model of the one owned by Sims, arrived in the area of the bus stop. Glee and (Salau) departed in that Toyota moments later.”

Glee then told investigators that he sexually assaulted Salau when they arrived at his home, adding that he kept her imprisoned at his home for several days. He wasn’t sure for how long because “he was heavily under the influence of alcohol,” according to documents.

The documents also stated that Glee, who has a lengthy criminal record, was worried that he would go back to prison again if he let her escape.

“Glee stated that he was aware that he would be arrested and likely sentenced to prison if he allowed (Salau) to leave the residence,” an arrest report said. “Glee indicated that he determined that his only course of action was to end her life.”

Glee also admitted to killing Sims, ransacked her apartment, and stole her vehicle.

Officials said Glee was arrested in Orlando but was extradited back to Tallahassee, where he is facing two counts of murder and one count of sexual assault.

The police department told news outlets last week that Salau’s posts on Twitter were not connected to Glee’s assault.

Tallahassee Police officials said in the update that Salau contacted them on June 6 “to report a possible sexual battery that occurred the previous evening.” The department wrote that there is “no indication that the original battery Salau reported is related to her death,” adding that “the information and description Salau provided to police and posted on social media prior to her disappearance does not match the person ultimately found to be responsible for her murder.”

“Soon after, as officers followed up on her case, Salau’s family reported her missing,” according to the update.