Florida Man Attempted to Kill Ex-Girlfriend After She Refused Marriage Proposal, Police Say

December 7, 2017 Updated: December 7, 2017

A Florida man attempted to kill his former girlfriend after she refused his marriage proposal last week, CBS News reports.

The woman told police that she broke up with Gordon Kovie five years ago, but on Nov. 30 he proposed marriage. She refused.

Kovie, 48, forced a ring onto her finger, but she took it off and left it in his car, according to an arrest warrant.

The woman received several threatening text messages the next day, the warrant alleged.

Epoch Times Photo
Gordon Kovie (Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office)

“You don’t deserve to be (expletive) love (sic) and don’t ever threaten me with the police don’t ever threaten me with the cops I will do something (expletive) crazy go ahead and try me,” one text message state, according to the report.

The rejected suitor then repeatedly asked the victim to return his ring, $60, and a dress he bought for her. The woman told him that he can find the ring in his car.

The story turned violent on Dec. 1 when Kovie banged on the door of a mobile home where the victim was with her friend. Surveillance video from a local business shows Kovie reaching out of the driver’s side window with a gun.

A deputy told CBS that the video then shows muzzle flashes can be seen as Kovie fired several rounds at the mobile home.

Crime scene investigators found 11 spent bullet casing on the ground. Several bullets struck the mobile home and one made it inside and hit a refrigerator.

Police arrested Kovie and a 16-year-old suspect when the found Kovie’s car at the scene of an unrelated drug overdose.

Police charge Kovie with first-degree attempted murder, aggravated stalking, shooting into an occupied dwelling, and felon in possession of a firearm. He did not enter a plea.

Gordon lived at 4084 Aster Ct in Lake Worth, Florida, according to his booking card.

Epoch Times Photo
4084 Aster Ct., Lake Worth, FL. (Screenshot/Google Maps)
Epoch Times Photo
4084 Aster Ct., Lake Worth, FL. (Screenshot/Google Maps)

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