Flappy Bird Jokes: ‘Flappy Agapito’ is a Puerto Rican Satire on Alejandro Garcia Padilla

February 20, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Flappy Agapito, based on the famous Flappy Bird game, is a viral Puerto Rican satire based on a nickname given to Puerto Rican governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla. 

The basic concept of the game is similar to Flappy Bird but there are major difference.

For instance, the main character isn’t a bird, it’s a dollar bill with wings.

Instead of the tubes from Flappy Bird, Flappy Agapito features trashcans.

And the game starts off with the voice of the governor saying “let’s push this country forward,” reported the Latin Times. Also, every time the dolalr moves you can hear his voice say the word “deficit.”

This is one of many ways Puerto Ricans are trying to cope with the economic crisis the island is going through. 

Nitza Pabon, an economics student at the Universidad de Puerto Rico and currently in her senior year, told the Times: “I think it is a very creative adaptation. I was curious and when I saw ‘Flappy Agapito’ it caught my attention and I couldn’t resist playing it. It is very well done.”

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