Flappy Bird: Dev Says Game Easier on Android, Not iOS (+Hack, Cheats)

February 1, 2014 Updated: February 1, 2014

“Flappy Bird,” the addicting new game for the iOS and Android, is apparently easier for the Android than for the iOS, said its creator.

The game was created by Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen. It has more than 250,000 four-star reviews.

On his Twitter, he said that “Flappy Bird” is easier on Android than the iOS. He’s also advised people to take a break from the game if they get too frustrated with their progress, or lack thereof.

“You should take a break,” he wrote to one user to messaged him on the social media site.

He earlier said to another user, “Take it easy and it should be easier. Don’t push it too hard and too fast.”

He also appears to have received a number of insults on the social media site, with many people expressing frustration.

“I don’t think my games are innovative. I take the basic idea and try to improve it one small bit at a time,” he wrote Saturday after receiving praise for the simplistic yet addicting game.

The frustration, as some users have pointed out, is part of the game’s “fun.” The game’s challenge appears to fuel an addiction of sorts.

The game’s premise is simple: guide an odd-looking bird–by tapping one’s device–through “Super Mario Bros.”–style tubes. The tubes are placed strategically, creating the game’s challenge. There’s no bosses or anything else.

Flappy bird is by far the most annoying game you will ever play in your life. It will make you so angry you will literally scream (I am not kidding you). The game itself is nothing special. It is just a bird that is more or less a falling brick with a vague bird-like appearance. The bird will basically just drop dead right as you are about to reach a new high score. It is almost like it had a heart attack mid-flap or killed itself on a random pane of plexiglass,” says one review of “Flappy Bird” on the App Store.

He reviewer added: “The bird also defies physics, falling faster than even remotely possible and thus ending the extent of your sanity and happiness. The game is not fun but it is addicting. The joy you feel after finally beating your record is indescribable and the boiling anger you feel inside of you instantly diffuses only to fill you with false hope that you may be able to do it again and possibly even do it better.” 

Wrote another: “All my friends were playing Flappy Bird. Everyone on Twitter was talking about Flappy Bird. I was specifically told ‘DO NOT DOWNLOAD FLAPPY BIRD’ I was told it was life ruining. Naturally, I didn’t listen and what do you suppose I did? I downloaded Flappy Bird. I literally play it for hours on end and have Flappy Bird competitions. I love the game, but it makes me want to punch a kitten or hate Nutella.” 

The reviewer continued: “Next we should review that sometimes I’ll have a strong Flappy Bird game going and my bird will plummet to it’s unjustified death and emotionally wreck me. I’m not saying that you should even make this game easier, people will lose interest, but you should atleast let us choose the color of our bird or fix the pipes heck maybe even let us change the background or add in some background music to the app. Just little things like that. To all of you who haven’t or are going to download this app, bless your poor souls.”

It can be downloaded for the iOS here, and it can be downloaded for Android here.

Here’s a tutorial on how to “hack” the game: