Five-Year-Old Boy Carried Away by Hurricane Dorian as Father Watches Helplessly

September 6, 2019 Updated: September 7, 2019

After placing his son on a roof hoping to keep him safe, an injured Bahamian man could do nothing but helplessly watch as Hurricane Dorian swept his son away.

38-year-old Adrian Farrington Sr., of Abaco Island, struggled to keep him and his son, five-year-old Adrian Jr., afloat after their northwestern Bahamas home was devastated by Hurricane Dorian, reported WSB-TV2.

Farrington told The Nassau Guardian, “My leg was numb, but I was still trying to stay afloat with my son, after about an hour of treading water and bleeding, I noticed … some fins swimming along the houses.

“So, I grabbed my son and I put him on top (of) the roof. The water was high on the roof,” he added.

According to CBS News, Farrington saw at least 12 people drown, and also helplessly watched as his son was carried away.

“Before I could sit on the roof to hold him, the gust from the hurricane dragged him across the roof back into the surge on the next side,” he said. “I still could remember him reaching for me and calling me, ‘Daddy.’”

He then rushed to get to the area where his son had fallen, however, he didn’t see his son anywhere.

“I was like feeling to see if I could feel some kind of cloth, some kind of clothes, some kind of skin, flesh, tennis, something,” he said.

“I ain’t find nothing. I come back up. I hold my breath and I gone back down again. All this time, people carried my wife to safety and they calling me, but I ain’t want to go because I didn’t want to leave my son.”

Freeport, Grand Bahama
Volunteers walk under the wind and rain from Hurricane Dorian through a flooded road as they work to rescue families near the Causarina bridge in Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahamas, on Sept. 3, 2019. (AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa)

When asked whether he thought they might rescue his son he responded, “If he (is) rescued, I praise the lord. But for the surge, what I saw when I lose him, anything could happen. You had sharks swimming in the water, anything could happen.”

Farrington continued looking for his son, eventually making it to a church, in which he found 12 people inside.

“The wall of the church was moving like when you put clothes on the line on a breezy day,” he said.

“So, after I noticed the wall was shaking so much I moved from a seated position to a standing position with the entrance of the door right there. When I feel the wall pushing me, all I (did was) hold on the wall…

“…Everybody else who was inside, they run to try to hold the wall and I watched the wall and the roof crush everybody inside the church.

“There’s a guy, I could see him. I tapped on him and I asked him if he was okay. I ain’t get no response.”

Farrington told reporters he was eventually rescued by civilians and then taken to a hospital in Nassau.