Five Reasons to Avoid Botox

January 29, 2013 Updated: January 30, 2016

Did you know that every line, scar, mark, mole, and feature on your face has meaning and significance in your life?It may come as a surprise—especially in our society that is conditioned to eliminate any and all perceived “imperfections” on our faces (and bodies).

But what if those imperfections are actually telling us something important about ourselves and about the state of our health and emotional well-being? That’s what Jean Haner emphasizes in her book “The Wisdom of Your Face” and on her website.

Her book explains the art of Chinese face reading, an ancient branch of Chinese medicine. Chinese face reading teaches that you are born with a personal blueprint that is yours alone and that this very specific inner information can be read in your outer design—the features of your face.

There are so many amazing clues to who you are, what kind of work will bring you joy, and how to feel compassion for yourself and others, just from the map that is clearly written on your face.So here are five important discoveries your face can teach you that may have you saying no to any artificial alterations to your beautiful, fabulous, and revealing face.

1. Achieving Your True Purpose Is Reflected in Your Face

Your laugh lines, the lines that run from your nose to the outer corners of your mouth, are actually called “fa lin” lines, meaning “orders of law” in Chinese. Haner writes in her book that this is a “strong need to live an authentic and meaningful life.”

Now here’s the clincher. Haner says: “The fa lin lines will appear when you’re following your purpose. They show your true inner authority is emerging.”

That means that they are actually a very positive mark.Why would you ever want to get rid of the lines that show you are living up to your true purpose?

2. Laugh Lines Mean You Smile a Lot

Lines around the eyes are commonly known as crow’s feet, but in Chinese face reading they are called joy lines. Doesn’t that sound more positive? They come from smiling and laughing and are an indication of an open heart.

3. The Size of Your Nose Represents Personal Power

It may not look the way you’d like, but the shape of your nose is significant. Noses represent your personal power that especially comes into fruition in your 40s. In fact, the larger it is, the greater the potential.

Haner says in her book that getting a “‘nose job’ can not only diminish your potential life experience in your 40s … but it can impact your lifelong personal power.”

A nose can reveal more about you, too.A bony nose may indicate someone who is not so interested in material things, while a fleshier nose shows the opposite.

When nostrils are highly visible, it means the person is apt to spend money freely. Watch out about investing any money with these types! But a downturned nose that covers part of the philtrum, the indentation above the lip and just under the nose, shows skill with investments.The nose also mirrors the spine and may reflect deviant conditions in the body.

4. Lines Can Show Emotional and Physical Imbalances

Puffiness or shadows under the eyes can show a kidney imbalance. The vertical lines that appear slightly above and between the eyebrows show high levels of tension and worry. Even after Botox, they will reappear if the actual cause of stress is not addressed.

Lines around the lips can show that you may be emotionally depleted and giving more of yourself than you are replenishing. Do you really want to erase these important signs that alert you to being out of balance?

5. Lacking Wrinkles? Watch Out!

In a society that devalues aging, wrinkles are often frowned upon—pun intended. Yet, Haner says that wrinkle-free skin may actually indicate long-withheld or suppressed emotions. A second reason that a person may not have wrinkles is that she or he has led a very sheltered existence. This kind of person, when faced with a suddenly stressful incident, may wrinkle very quickly and dramatically.

The third person with no wrinkles is someone who is able to let go of stress more easily. This person has learned not to hold on to issues and may have lines come and go because of the ability to accept and release feelings as they arise.As Haner says, “the only bad emotion is a stuck emotion.” 

It seems that the best Botox injection is the one we do for ourselves internally by being able to let things go.