Five Guys Raise $1.6 Million for Pakistan

By Christina Zhang
Christina Zhang
Christina Zhang
August 6, 2011 Updated: August 6, 2011

Five “ordinary guys” from Yorkshire held charity dinners and other events that raised 1 million pounds ($1.6 million) for Pakistan’s flood relief.

These “ordinary” men are taxi drivers Tariq and Khalid Hussain, former taxi driver Mohammed Sultan, restaurant owner Khalid Chaudary, and a city councilor Rizwan Malik.

Three of the five—Tariq Hussain, Rizwan Malik, and Mohammed Sultan—had decided on a goal of fundraising £1 million after traveling to Pakistan in October 2010 to volunteer as a part of Islamic Relief, a charity group registered in the U.K.

“We are ordinary guys with daytime jobs and families but we really believe in the reconstruction work Islamic Relief is doing,” said Malik in a press release from the charity organization. “We could see that people were in desperate need and we wanted to do everything we could.”

Tariq Hussain convinced his brother and longtime friend Khalid Chaudary to join in the fundraising effort.

In late June of this year, four of the men visited Pakistan to see their results of their fundraising, and came back to hold three more charity dinners hosted by the legendary cricket player Wasim Akram, now-retired, that helped the men reach their goal of £1 million.

“These guys have done an incredible job raising money for Pakistan’s flood victims,” says Jehangir Malik, Islamic Relief’s U.K. Director. “This is a case of ordinary people doing extraordinary things to express their concern for those in need.”

In 2010, Pakistan suffered the most devastating floods in its history. More than 20 million were affected and in need of aid. The United Nations requested funding of over $2 billion to deal with the disaster.