Five Business Conferences You MUST Attend Fall 2014

Conferences, hands down, are the best places to advance your business. It’s that fun, educational and irreplaceable time when entrepreneurs and business owners mingle in the hopes that collaboration will lead to bigger wins for all. It also happens to be one of the best ways in which to get inspired, share ideas and see what’s new in your industry. But with so many conferences to choose from it can be hard to know where to spend your precious dollars. There are two ways to go about this: Either focus on a conference that is specific to your industry or choose a conference where you know your prospects will be attending. Generally, I like to do a mix of both. Below are my top five conferences you should be attending this Fall 2014 if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner in marketing, software, social media or sales

INBOUND – September 15-18th 2014 in Boston, MA

Inbound is a conference that hosts thousands of marketing and sales professional from almost every industry imaginable and from all over the world. Last year, its conference attracted more that 5,000 attendees from over 30 countries. It’s a great way to learn about HUBSPOT, but if you’re not into that then just enjoy the phenomenal keynote speakers. In 2014, they are announcing Martha Stewart, Simon Sinek and Malcolm Gladwell among others.


Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit – October 6-8th 2014 Laguna Niguel, CA

Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit starts as a list 16 years ago and has evolved into the world’s most extraordinary leadership community, convening the preeminent women in business for wide-ranging and inspiring discussions. This year’s theme is “The New Connected Leadership” and the agenda features several one-on-one interviews, panel discussions, interactive breakout sessions and high-level networking.


Business of Software  – September 15-17th 2014 in Boston, MA

This growing conference is a wonderful resource or software engineers and IT professionals. Business of Software is a 3-day conference for anyone starting or growing a software business.  Their motto is they will cover everything about building a successful, sustainable company, except the code. This year they are hosting speakers such as Jess Hertzberg, COO of Squarespace, and Joanna Wiebe, founder of Copy Hackers.


WOMMA  – November 17-19th 2014 in Hollywood, CA

The Word of Mouth Marketing Association is an annual event that brings an elite group of marketing (notably social media) professionals together. Pricy but well worth it WOMMA hosts some of the best speakers from lead brands such as Twitter, BuzzFeed and LA Kings. With 4 keynote speakers and dozens of education sessions, WOMMA has established itself as a must for those in marketing and social media.


Business Innovation Factory  – September 17-18, Providence, RI

BF10 is a place for innovators to collide with unusual collaborators. The Business Innovation Factory was founded on the simple principle that innovators are wired differently and BF10 is about sharing their story and helping propel them forward. The conference helps connect the dots between finding your purpose, building community and identifying better ways to deliver value emerged.


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