Sea Lion Board Fishing Vessel Unexpectedly!

April 18, 2019 Updated: April 18, 2019

These fishermen pull in a load of fish in the North Pacific Ocean; however, they reel in a load of more than just fish. As they began to drop the fish from the net, they notice something unusual. You can see them all gathered around. They found something quite unexpected in their daily haul.

A hungry sea lion was trapped in the net along with their catch. It wriggles its way out. Confused and out of sorts, he takes a moment to look around. This sea lion is met by curious onlookers and a curious dog. It takes a moment to get its bearings. This sea mammal doesn’t look to be injured from its time in the net.

The fishermen watching weren’t quite sure how to get the sea lion back into the sea. The dog couldn’t help itself and ran to investigate. Sniffing the strange animal, he barks, a lot. In the video, you can see some humorous speech bubbles of what the two animals could possibly be saying and thinking. The sea lion snaps back, but ultimately overwhelmed with feeling lost and confused, the sea lion ignores the pup.

The fisherman spray water at the sea lion to encourage it to retreat down the trawler, which lead to the ocean. Finally, it slides down and back into the sea.

Credit: ViralHog