First Death Caused by Cell Phone Blast

By Lu Jianhui, Central News Agency
July 6, 2007 Updated: July 6, 2007

HONGKONG—According to reports, an accidental death caused by a cell phone explosion happened recently in China. While an electric welding worker was working in Jinta County, Lanzhou City, the cell phone battery exploded suddenly after being exposed to high temperatures. The blast broke a rib and the rib fracture pierced his heart, which caused his death.

According to a report by China Economic Net ( on July 3, Jinta County established an investigative team following the accident.

The report quoted a factory insider as saying that the dead man, Xiao Jinpeng, 22, was a welder. On June 19 at noon, the cell phone in his front chest pocket exploded suddenly while he was working. He was quickly taken to a hospital but died after emergency treatment failed.

The report indicated that the cell phone was purchased by his relative from another place. Authorities will check whether or not the quality of the cell phone battery was substandard.

An official with the county's Supervisory Bureau for Work Safety recorded the incident as a work safety accident. Xiao's family will be paid 100,000 yuan (US $12,500) for compensation.

According to China Broadcasting News (Zhongguang Xinwen), the cell phone exploded possibly due to high temperatures.