First Baby Born of 2015 in US? New York City: Maxim Olenyukh Born at Midnight

First Baby Born in NYC ID'd
January 1, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

The first baby born in New York City in 2015 was identified as Maxim Olenyukh, who was born right at midnight on New Year’s Day.

Per ABC News, the baby was born at 12 a.m., weighing at 8 pounds and 8 ounes. Hospital spokesman Robert Cooper told ABC that the “mother and baby are doing well.”

The first babies born in the US usually aren’t identified due to identity theft concerns or abductions.

The first baby born in San Francisco–three hours later–was also identified. The girl hasn’t been named, but weighed in at 8 pounds.

“We know the birth of the new year baby is a joyous and exciting event, but protecting patient safety and privacy is our most important responsibility,” said Tomi Galin, a spokeswoman for the Franklin, Tennessee-based company.

She pointed to guidance from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, which has suggested health care providers obtain parental consent and eliminate home addresses and other identifying information from birth announcements or stop providing them to media.

Still, the head of the center’s missing children division said, the tradition of publicizing a hospital’s first birth of the year is relatively low-risk.

“We’ve never given direction to hospitals that they shouldn’t do it,” said the center’s Robert Lowery, stressing caution, not overreaction.

Community Health’s decision to opt-out of the New Year’s baby business made front-page headlines this week in many states after local journalists learned they would need to look elsewhere for news on the usually slow holiday.

The Associated Press contributed.