Fire Tornado Captured on Video Near St. Albert, Canada

April 19, 2016 Updated: April 19, 2016

A “fire tornado” was spotted in St. Albert, near Edmonton, Canada, forcing one firefighter to escape by diving into the water.

Video footage filmed by a bystander was shared by St. Albert Fire Services on Twitter, showing a twisting funnel of smoke and fire off Big Lake, USA Today reported.

Firefighters ran beneath the smoke to contain a grassfire, CTV reported. But just seconds later, the fire formed a funnel of thick smoke.

“We saw a huge black funnel coming toward us, and you could hear the wind,” Diane Logan, the person who filmed the clip, told the CBC. “It was pretty scary.”

Vince Pashko, a firefighter who became separated from his colleagues, explained the situation.

“When the guys screamed, ‘Watch out,’ I turned around and all I could see was just a huge wall of black ash,” said Pashko.

He suffered minor burns and injuries, the fire service told Reuters. “He was back at work the next day,” firefighter Greg Harvey stated.

“I turned around and I just seen a big wall of ash coming towards me. I turned away from it and I knew that the lake was south of me so as it hit me I could feel the heat impinging on my shoulders and the back of my neck and ears so I just kind of ran to the lake, dunked myself in and cooled myself off,” Pashko said Friday, April 15, according to