Find Out If Vaping Is The New Way To Go For You, As Well

February 19, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

Due to many complaints lodged by non-smokers objecting to smokers, in some regions worldwide, strict regulations have been placed in order to protect the non-smokers from the secondhand smoke influence. For instance, in the European Union, there are specifically created sections of each bar or a restaurant, which smokers may frequent. While this was quite an uncomfortable switch for smokers, who are used to being able to light a cigarette whenever they please, the tobacco companies have found a way to allow them to do so again .

Electronic cigarettes are big on the market

You may have heard of electronic cigarettes as a new alternative to regular smoking. The most basic models, which were first introduced to the market, had every single resemblance of a real cigarette. They had the same shape, they exuded smoke and some of them even lit up once you took a puff, to simulate the familiar experience. They only had one major difference that was able to set them aside from the regular, tobacco filled cigarette packs. Instead of using tobacco, or nicotine, the electronic cigarettes of this sort were relying on vegetable oils, wax or dried herbs to achieve the same effect.

They can provide a pleasant experience

While primarily used to help regular smokers give up the habit, it was not too long before the users discovered that an electronic cigarette can actually provide some enjoyment without harming the environment, or the people who may be displeased by smoking in general. However, thanks to the media portraying vapes as potentially dangerous products, a lot of people have remained skeptical, as the main argument coming from the media was that it was uncertain which ingredients go to the cartridges that vapes draw from.

Despite the hype, they are very safe to use

Some of the alarming researches ran further confused the public, as it has been stated that one of the ingredients used in vaporizers was present in antifreeze, as well. This was enough to drive a potential customer away from even considering to switch to vaping. However, the tobacco companies and individuals who make their own e – liquids argued that the media alerted the public using a completely false statement. In fact, upon close examination, it has been noted that an electronic cigarette uses vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol and, optionally, pharmaceutical nicotine.

Nicotine levels may vary

All the ingredients combined make the product perfectly safe to use. The reason why nicotine is entirely optional is because some manufacturers like to sell their electronic cigarettes by offering a choice of nicotine strength to the customers. So, customers can choose from stronger, milder and even nonexistent doses of nicotine.