Fighter Jets Flying Over NYC Scare People

December 13, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

The five fighter jets flying over New York City on Friday afternoon were Blue Angels, the Navy’s Flight Demonstration Squadron. But many people didn’t know about the planned exercise, and were scared.

The flight was for a photo shoot.

“Those of us that were in NYC on 9/11 get chills when we see fighter jets in formation like we did today on the Hudson,” said Chris Blec via Twitter.

“5 or 6 fighter jets flying over nyc … #strange,” said another Twitter user.

“Seriously- about 5 or 6 black fighter jets flying low near GWB/NYC/NJ. Anyone care/know why? Kind of weird,” said John Belitsky.

When someone told Belitsky that it was the Blue Angels, he said “Really? Wish I knew. Would have shown my son. He’d have loved to see it.”

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