‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Movie: Filming Has Ended for ‘50 Shades’; Star Jamie Dornan Seen Leaving Vancouver

February 25, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

The “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie has ended its filming ahead of a its release date on Valentine’s Day in 2015.

The book’s author, EL James, tweeted: “And that’s a wrap,” meaning that the movie’s production is done. 

On Instagram, she also wrote, “One of us is drinking… It’s a wrap,” and included a photo of her and director Sam Taylor-Johnson. “It’s so empty without you @michaelDe_luca @danabrunetti,” she added.

The film–which stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson–was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia.

E! Online also reported that Dornan was spotted leaving Vancouver for the U.K. on Saturday evening. 

The studio behind the film released a poster of Dorian looking out at the Seattle skyline. “Mr. Grey will see you now,” it reads.

In November, producer Dana Brunetti told Collider in November that the film will have to have an R-rating but he wants “an NC-17 version that we released a few weeks later” as well. 

“So everybody could go and enjoy the R version, and then if they really wanted to see it again and get a little bit more gritty with it then have that NC-17 version out there as well,” he said, adding: “We want to keep it elevated, but also give the fans what they want.”