Female Lion Runs and Jumps on Man, It Looks Scary But Ends Playfully

December 9, 2017 Updated: December 9, 2017

A lioness ran towards a man and jumped on top of him in a seemingly terrifying show of affection.

According to Daily Mail, the lioness greets the man that first adopted her. The article claims the man rescued her as a cub, and then passed her along to the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation for specialized care.

It seems dangerous when the cat approaches him but it soon becomes clear that “Lioness” is simply greeting him like one of her own.

The footage is from a reunion that occurred in 2015, according to the Mail.

The Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation has more up-close-and-personal footage of another such reunion from the same year in a video titled “Kiara Loves when Adolfo, his first adoptive dad, visits her.”

Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation has become a sensation through owner Eduardo Serio’s many social media posts that show him frolicking with wild cats. According to the organization’s website, their mission is to “rescue Big Felines from cruel circumstances and provide them with the best lifestyle possible.” The website says also says that “more than 300 lions, tigers, jaguars, leopards, servals and lynxes [have been] rescued,” along with 200 individuals from various other animal species.

No location is revealed on the website for the foundation, but the About Us page states the organization is a nonprofit in both the United States and Mexico.

Reports of celebrities visiting the property has only helped its reputation to grow. Just last month, a Daily Mail report shows photos of pop singer Demi Lovato cuddling with lion cubs there. The photos also show Lovato posed for a photo with Serio.

The article also talks about how Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner paid a visit during an episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” Paris Hilton, Debra Messing, and Kellan Lutz are all reported to have visited.

Though the website allows the general public to donate – with donation packages ranging from $25 to $1,000 per month – there is no mention of the general public having access to the animals at the site. But the earlier Daily Mail article stated that the highest donation package offered the chance to spend a few days with a sponsored animal. That may have previously been the case.

There has been opposition to the organization, however, including efforts from conservationists and others to stop the adoption of animals, as exposed on Black Jaguar’s Facebook page. The page frequently lashes out and calls them “haters” or “cowards.” Website 911 Animal Abuse lists scores of criticism about the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation and the way animals are handled there.

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