Female Hunter and Social Media Star Found Dead From Apparent Suicide

July 24, 2017 Updated: July 24, 2017

A female hunter who rose to fame on social media was found dead after an apparent suicide.

Melanie Captain, 27, allegedly shot herself with a rifle in her home in Huesca a city in Spain according to El Mundo, a Spanish newspaper. She also left a suicide note addressed to her friends.

The death comes after animal activists threatened and abused her online for promoting recreational hunting, the Daily Mail reports. Her hunting expedition photos created widespread controversy across the internet.

However a friend of Captain’s told El Mundo the young woman’s death was from “personal problems, not for the insults she received in social networks,” RT reports.

Captain was well known online and garnered over 38,000 followers on her public Facebook page and over 9,000 Instagram followers. The young woman posed with animals she killed, mostly deer, often with a rifle in hand.

The social media star didn’t just post hunting photos, she also posted photos hanging out with her pet dogs and friends.

Even after death, the hunter continued to face criticisms online.

The contents of the suicide note have not yet been revealed nor are they known.

Captain can be seen in recent photos smiling and seemingly unaffected by the online abuse.

From NTD.tv