Fearless, Adorable Baby Rhino Tries to Protect Injured Mom

April 27, 2019 Updated: April 27, 2019

Most people know what a mother would do for their child, but this video shows what a child would do to protect their mom.

In South Africa, veterinarians try to help a wounded rhinoceros mother while her young calf watches nearby. The vets lean close to the mother’s injured foot to treat her injury, but her young calf is not having it. As the vets move closer to the baby rhino’s mother, he charges them repeatedly. The vets put their hands out to the baby rhino to try to gently ward off him charging toward them while they attempt to treat her. The new mom, who is 15 years old, had her pregnancy broadcast on the “Giraffe Cam” so millions could watch as she gave birth.

The young rhino does not have a horn yet, luckily for the vets working to heal the wounded mother. Even though these vets try to help the mother, the baby rhino continues to protect her, charging again and again into the vet’s upheld hands.

The mother relaxes as the vets try to treat her wound, seeming not to notice her young calf’s attempts to protect her.

While most animals fear humans, this baby rhino has no fear when it comes to protecting their mother. This adorable baby rhino shows his love for his mom by charging every time he feels the vets are getting too close for comfort. It goes to show the bond between mother and child reaches far beyond just human beings.