FBI Questions Chinese Student Leaders at Eastern U.S. Universities

August 27, 2007 Updated: August 27, 2007

On Aug. 22, Mr. Xu Shuiliang, chief editor of the Chinese Net Digest, and a senior democracy activist, told The Epoch Times that in the past couple of months, the FBI has interviewed several leaders of the Chinese Student and Scholar Association (CSSA) at universities throughout the eastern United States.

The FBI also sent out many undercover agents to the universities. Currently almost every leader of CSSA in eastern U.S. universities is under surveillance.

Mr. Wang from New York City (who refused to disclose his full name) told the reporter that in the last few days, because of the pressure from the FBI's investigation, several of Beijing's special agents who were stationed at the Chinese associations in New York have escaped to China. Mr. Xu said when the FBI started investigating similar cases in the past, Chinese special agents who were undercover among democracy activists also fled back to China. This time the FBI's investigation was very intense, and Beijing's special agents were especially intimidated.

Mr. Xu said the FBI was apparently paying more attention to the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) special agents. This is a result of independent news sources, like The Epoch Times , exposing the CCP's secret activities in the United States. Mr. Xu said that Americans can't fully understand how evil the CCP could be, and hence independent media needs to continue to expose it. This will help the United States take action against the special agents and learn more about the real situation of the CCP and China.

Leaders of CSSA Are the CCP's Undercover Special Agents

Mr. Xu said almost all CSSAs are under the control of Chinese Consulates and become part of the CCP special organizations. The CSSAs are not officially connected to the CCP but they work under the cover of social recreational activities.

According to Mr. Xu, not only American students, but also a lot of Chinese students, do not know about this. Of course, not all students in CSSAs are the CCP's members or special agents, but normally the leaders of CSSAs are appointed by the CCP. This dates back to when the CCP was established, as it has always used underground groups such as union workers or students to achieve its goals.

FBI's Investigation Shocks the CCP Special Agents

Mr. Xu thinks FBI's movements have had a major effect on stopping the CCP's special agents. Many Chinese students wish to stay in the United States after they finish studying. Once the US government discovers their activities and takes measures, the students' study and career will be in jeopardy. Hence the FBI's investigation intimidates the leaders of the CSSAs.

According to Mr. Xu, many Chinese students don't really understand the system and laws in the United States and still live under the shadow of the CCP. They think the CCP can still provide protection for them in the United States, and they work for profit and out of fear. These students may not even know what they do is illegal in America. They are also victims.

Independent Chinese Media Reports Gain FBI's Attention

The FBI recently put an advertisement in a Chinese newspaper that circulates in San Francisco, trying to collect information on CCP special agents' illegal activities from the Chinese population. On July 26, 2007, FBI Director Robert Mueller said at a hearing at the US Congress, that China's espionage is creating a substantial threat to the United States. Mr. Xu thinks the FBI's attention on China's special agents comes from The Epoch Times ' on-going efforts to expose them.

Mr. Xu believes that although the FBI has been keeping an eye on the CCP's activities in the United States and it's movement among the students, they don't really know how the CCP works. The FBI didn't expect or realize that the CCP could be this evil, or that it turned so many people into its agents in America. The Epoch Times' reports have the attention of the US government and the FBI.