Fax Notice–Weifang City Tries to Eradicate Falun Gong Materials

December 18, 2007 Updated: December 18, 2007

Editor's note: The following is an internal fax urgent notice from the Chinese Communist Party Committee of Weifang City. To this date, practitioners of the Falun Gong remain severely persecuted in various regions of mainland China.

Internal Facsimile

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Signed by: Fang Xinqi
Level: Department
Number: 347

Urgent Notice: Preparing for the Inspection by CCP Central 610 Office on Falun Gong's Anti-revolutionary Promotional Materials

To all Communist Party Committees and Unions in each township/residence area, all departments under city government, all business units above branch level:

According to an urgent notice from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Committee of Weifang City, the CCP Central 610 office will be in Weifang City today and tomorrow to conduct a secret inspection of Falun Gong's anti-revolutionary promotional materials. Based on the suggestions from key leaders of CCP Committee of Weifang, we now make the following arrangements to rid ourselves of all anti-revolutionary materials:

1. The posting and distribution of Falun Gong's anti-revolutionary promotional materials has attracted much attention from leaders of the central government. Therefore, the central 610 office has initiated a secret inspection across the entire country and has taken severe action in those specific regions that didn't eradicate all of Falun Gong's anti-revolutionary promotional materials in a timely or thorough manner. Our city has many Falun Gong practitioners, and the anti-revolutionary promotional materials have been distributed widely and in large quantities. As a result, we demand all of the work units to pay attention to this clean-up work as a political task. On receiving this notice, all working units must immediately call for a meeting to mobilize the clean up work on Falun Gong's anti-revolutionary promotional materials. All units must arrange all the personnel to ensure that no fault will be found.

2. According to the request of Weifang City, we must immediately initiate a thorough clean-up that reaches every corner of the city. All the units under the city government, after receiving this notice, must immediately make arrangements. The clean-up will be divided among all units based on areas each unit is responsible for. Each unit must conduct an overall clean up in the office areas, residential areas, poles, signs, walls, trees and hallways along all the big streets and small streets within the assigned region, so as to ensure no remote corner is left with one single Falun Gong's anti-revolutionary promotional material. No trace of such materials should be visible. The Construction Bureau should be responsible for sending notices to the residential areas under property management companies, which don't belong to working units. After the clean-up, every work unit needs to arrange three to five people to be in charge of all the detailed clean-up until the secret inspection is over.

3. After each work unit receives this notice, please immediately forward this notice to secretaries of each Communist Party Committee and Union as well as leaders of each department. Starting from this afternoon, the Municipal Communist Party Committee will be divided in groups to conduct an overall inspection. If any unit is found failing to fulfill their responsibilities and take effective measures, which defames our city, strict measures will be taken to enforce consequences over relevant leaders, and the secretaries of relevant Communist Party Committees and Unions and the leaders of the unit will be required to provide explanation to the Municipal Communist Party Committee.

Attached: Work Assignment of Inspection Teams

Municipal Communist Party Committee of Weifang

November 1, 2007