Father Shoots Dead Masked Intruder in Georgia to Protect Children

March 15, 2018 Updated: March 15, 2018

A father in Georgia engaged in a shootout with intruders early Thursday morning, March 15, leaving one intruder dead.

Just after midnight, three men broke into the man’s Covington Glen apartment in DeKalb County, police told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“They had handguns,” Lt. Rod Bryant said. “They started shooting at him.”

The man grabbed a gun and fired back at the intruders.

The shootout spilled outside as the four people continued to exchange fire.

Two intruders eventually fled but one was fatally shot and was found in the parking lot. Besides the mask, the dead man also had on a pair of gloves.

“It’s unknown if anybody else was hit,” Bryant said. “We don’t have any evidence of that yet, but you never know.”

The father’s son and daughter were in their rooms during the shootout. Two other adults were also inside the apartment.

“The homicide unit responded and declared this a justified shooting,” Lt. Lonzy Robertson said.

Police believe the break-in was targeted but don’t yet know why the apartment was targeted.

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