Father Says 10-Year-Old Girl Accused of Killing Baby Is a ‘Criminal’

November 20, 2018 Updated: November 20, 2018

A Wisconsin father has issued a statement after his 6-month-old son was allegedly killed by a 10-year-old girl, describing her as a “criminal” who should be “in shackles.”

Nate Liedl’s infant son, Jaxon, was killed after the girl allegedly stomped on him at a home daycare in Chippewa County on Oct. 30. The boy succumbed to his injuries several days later, and the girl was charged.

“As opposed to seeing it as a 10-year-old girl, I saw it as the person who killed my son. And she, in my opinion, deserved to be in shackles or handcuffs. She’s a criminal,” Liedl told 6ABC. He saw the girl after he appeared in an adult court to watch a judge set the girl’s bond at $50,000, Fox reported.

First responders came to the daycare and found Jaxon unresponsive and bleeding, and the boy was rushed to the hospital before he was airlifted to another facility.

“I had sent a couple messages out to family to let them know that Jaxon’s not going to make it. I remember, I broke down out there pretty bad. Yeah, it really hit hard,” Liedl told 6ABC.

Chippewa County Sheriff James Kowalczyk said a doctor who tended to the child’s injuries said he doesn’t believe it was an accident. The girl later “confessed to her involvement in the situation,” Kowalczyk said, Fox reported. The girl first said she dropped Jaxon and his head hit a stool, making him cry. The girl then said she panicked and stomped on the boy, Kowalczyk said.

Liedl said his son was “happy” and had “smiles all the time,” the station reported.

Before his death, Liedl was embroiled in a custody battle with the child’s mother.

“Missing out on those first three months was hard enough. And then, to be granted only eight hours after that, I feel like they essentially robbed me of time with Jaxon,” he explained. “Now I’m not going to be able to get any of it back. If it helps one father get more time with their child, then that’s good.”

Liedl said he doesn’t blame the daycare for what happened.

District Attorney Wade Newell said the girl was in foster care at the daycare and home in Tilden, WEAU reported. The daycare was shut down as the state investigates the matter.

“She stated she was holding the child and that’s when she dropped the child,” Wade said. “The child hit its head on the footstool and then the child started crying and she panicked and didn’t know what to do and didn’t want to get into trouble and then she proceeded to stomp on the 6-month-old’s head.”

Kowalczyk said it was “a sad day for Chippewa County, a sad day for the residence for Chippewa County. My heart goes out to everyone involved.”

The girl, who was not identified is slated to appear in court on Dec. 11. She’s currently being tried in adult court, according to Wisconsin state law, but the court might later change it to juvenile court.