Father of the Year Dresses up as Beast to Make His Daughter’s Dream a Reality

March 16, 2019 Updated: March 16, 2019

Once upon a time, a sweet little girl dreamed of becoming a Disney Princess. So, her loving father went to great lengths to make her dream come true and the subsequent video of their touching moment has since gone viral online.

The little girl dreamed of becoming Princess Belle from the Disney film Beauty and the Beast and her father made this a reality by doing something rather special for her 3rd birthday. In the video we see the birthday party guests look on in awe as the little girl makes a surprise entrance into the room dressed as Princess Belle in a shiny tiara and an adorable yellow dress adorned with bows, just like her hero from the film. Even more surprising is that standing by her side and holding her little hand tightly is none other than the Beast itself.

Together the two of them twirl, dance and sway to a song from “Beauty and the Beast,” while her mother records the dazzling moment for posterity on her phone. The size mismatched couple re-enact the magical ballroom dance scene from the movie in front of the assembled guests, family and friends, who stare on enrapt by the whole proceedings

Now it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to guess who the man behind the Beast mask is. Of course, the person attempting to make the little girl’s dream come true is her father who has secretly transformed himself into Beast to make his Disney-fan daughter’s wish of becoming a real princess on her birthday come true, and thanks to him, the little girl had a fairy-tale birthday which she will remember for many years to come.