Father Had 3-Year-Old Witness Marriage Proposal–It Was All Romantic Until This Happened

By Annie Wang
Annie Wang
Annie Wang
June 5, 2018 Updated: June 5, 2018

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A 3-year-old boy recently gave his mom and her boyfriend a “surprise” during their touching marriage proposal.

Kevin Przytula took his girlfriend Allyssa Anter, and the rest of the family, including his 11-year-old daughter Kayleigh and Anter’s 3-year-old son Owen, to Bay City, Michigan, for the occasion.

A video of the proposal showed Przytula kneeling down in front of the city’s iconic “Ring of Friendship” sculpture and pulling out a ring, while Anter was smiling and laughing.

However, the couple were so immersed in their special moment, they didn’t hear little Owen say, “I’m gonna pee outside.”

Owen climbed down off the ledge, pulled his pants down, and started peeing right next to the couple.

Kayleigh, who was recording the special moment, started laughing as soon as she realized what was happening.

However, Przytula and Anter didn’t notice what the boy was doing until the proposal was all over.

The video quickly went viral.

Annie Wang