Father Gabriel in Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 2, Video Preview Confirms

October 12, 2014 Updated: November 9, 2015

Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) will be introduced in The Walking Dead season 5, episode 2.

The episode will air on October 17.

A video preview that aired at the end of episode 1 showed that Rick’s group–which just escaped Terminus thanks to Carol–stumbles upon Father Gabriel in the woods trying to fight off three walkers.

The preview hasn’t been released online, but a different clip from episode 2 is below.

“Help!” the pastor screams repeatedly, on top of a rock and trying to stave off the walkers.

Per the clip that aired tonight, it appears that Father Gabriel has the same character backstory as in the comics.

In the comics, Father Gabriel decided to lock himself in his church after the zombie outbreak.

Even while his parishioners banged on the door asking for help, he wouldn’t open it.

That experience tortured his soul, which he explains to Rick and his group when they arrive at the church.

Father Gabriel in The Walking Dead comic book series.
Father Gabriel in The Walking Dead comic book series.

Rick and the others in what appears to be Father Gabriel's church. (AMC)
Rick and the others in what appears to be Father Gabriel’s church. (AMC)

But like in the comics, Father Gabriel in the television show is looking for redemption, and is eager to help people out to make up for the horrible things that he’s done.

He presumably has a stash of food and other supplies in the church.

In the comics, Rick and his group stay at the church for a little while.

In the television show, they are working their way away from Terminus, which was overrun by walkers after Carol caused an explosion which let a herd into the compound.

It’s now Rick, Carl, Michonne, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, Carol, baby Judith, Sasha, Tyreese, Bob, Abraham, Rosita, Eugene, and Tara.

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