Fatal Desperation

November 9, 2020 Updated: November 9, 2020

The High Tech Oligarchs and Media Moguls are so outraged at having lost control of the narrative (despite their infinite power over the truth) that they are risking being broken up and regulated to cancel a scandalous story about a candidate they support in a presidential election.

They believe even as the house of cards falls that censorship will still work, even when everyone knows the gig is up. It’s the arrogance and blatancy that alarms Americans. … We’re used to clever, savvy theatrics from soulless political people, desperation scares us. … Worse, it makes so obvious that we are pawns to be played in the contrived reality-show election process.

If their manic desperation evokes American passion for authenticity, Trump won’t be the only winner—AMERICA WILL HAVE SURVIVED despite them.

Derrick Harrison Hurd