Fast & Furious 7: Paul Walker’s Character Brian O’Conner to be Killed or Retired? Writer Not Sure Yet

January 17, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Plans in Fast & Furious 7 for Brian O’Conner, Paul Walker’s character, have not been completely decided yet, writer Chris Morgan said.

A report was circulated widely citing sources that the plan was to retire the character, meaning O’Conner would not die but would somehow exit the story otherwise.

But Morgan told IGN that no definitive decisions have been made yet. 

“I mean at this point, everyone took a break and we’re having time to grieve,” the writer said. “And now everyone is coming together, linking arms and trying to figure out what the best way forward is. And that’s kind of the stage we’re at right now. Everyone is motivated to make it something special and move forward in the right way.”

“I saw that and I wasn’t quite sure where that was coming from,” Morgan said in reference to the report that a decision on how to move ahead had been made. “There’s nothing set in stone at all. Those are the conversations we’re just now having. Nothing’s decided. Everything is still open and on the table.”

Around half of the scenes that O’Conner was originally slated to be in had been filmed, it was previously reported.

Another report, from the Daily Mail, alleged that producers were considering Cody Walker, Paul’s look-alike brother, as a way to finish several of the scenes. 

Morgan added that Walker’s sudden death on November 30 had hit everyone hard.

“It is a crazy thing that I haven’t seen in Hollywood before, and not to that level. To have to deal with a loss halfway through a movie like that,” he said. “And such a great guy, it’s really stunning.”

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