Fashion Model Review — Anna Vega

It’s very rare to meet fashion models who are down to earth (at least in my opinion). During the making of the Step Up — Modeling for a Cause fashion event in May 2014, I was very fortunate to get to know Anna Vega up close and personal.  Anna recently moved to New York from Utah to kick-start her modeling career. She has a gorgeous 4 year old daughter named Skyla. Skyla has been Anna’s inspiration ever since. I am really touched by their closeness and it’s making me wonder if there are any other models out there who is as unique and real as Anna. 

Nicole: How did you start modeling?

Anna: I have always wanted to model as a teen,  but never pursued it. It wasn’t until after my daughter was born and I was living in South Korea when a friend of mine who was a photographer, asked me to do some photos for her and I fell in love with it instantly! I knew I would be doing it for a long time.

Nicole: Who inspired you to become a fashion model?

Anna: Honestly, the only person I can think of is Tyra Banks. I was in love with the show America’s Next Top Model all throughout Junior High and High School. I thought it was amazing. I used to read everything I could about Tyra. As time went on, I found many other models who I really started to love and follow their careers of, a lot of them were or are Victoria’s Secret models and other very well-known fashion and runway models. 

Nicole: What does your career do for you?

Anna: This career that I am building up, is just what my heart and soul is made for. I love it and it gives me so much energy, light and strength. Runway is my favorite, but I love doing shoots and being part of creating something amazing. Every time that I get to do something new, it just gives me that extra push and burst of energy to do the next thing and keep going. I was given this desire for a reason, and I know this is what I’m meant to be doing right now.

Nicole: What’s your most memorable shoot?

Anna: I have to say that I honestly don’t have ONE shoot that is my favorite! Cliche, I know, but it’s true. Every shoot I’ve done has given me such a different perspective on this whole realm of fashion and everything I’ve done has taught me so much that I don’t think I could choose just one! If it weren’t for all the shoots I have been a part of, I don’t think I would be the model I am now.

Nicole: What’s the biggest highlight of your career to date? Why was it a highlight?

Anna: I think it was taking the step to move out to the NYC area. I’m just someone from a small town in Utah, and to actually have jumped on a plane and MOVED out here was huge for me. I needed that, definitely, and even though I’m just just barely getting started out here, it’s definitely where I’m meant to be and I know that without a doubt.

Nicole: What’s your biggest career mistake to date? What did you learn from this mistake?

Anna: There was one shoot that I did, that I’m definitely not proud of. The photographer kind of convinced me to do things that were outside of my comfort zone. I was still relatively new to modeling, (this was a few years ago) and I didn’t do anything bad or extreme, but it definitely didn’t add anything to my portfolio that I was trying to build, which was a fashion portfolio.

Nicole: What type of roles have you enjoyed the most? Why?

Anna: My favorite thing is to just be transformed, completely, into what the artist is wanting. To be a part of a huge idea is amazing. I love runway, being a part of ANY show is what I live for.

Nicole: How would you describe your personality and working style?

Anna: I would describe myself as pretty laid back and easy to work with. I can usually go with whatever is going on and adjust just fine. Naturally, I’m a very positive and an upbeat person, but I know when it comes to modeling, there is a lot of waiting around. That’s just something you sign up for with this career, and I’m okay with that. 

Nicole: Did you ever imagine that you will go this far?

Anna: If I take myself back to my very first photoshoot, I would have to say no. I had NO idea what I was even doing! I thought I would just be doing some fun pictures with a friend, but it turned into a lot more than that once I realized how much I loved it and wanted to keep pursuing it.

Nicole: What are your future plans for your career (5 or 10 years from now)?

Anna: I’m going to put everything that I have into my career and see where it takes me. I’m very religious, and I believe that God will let me know what is right and wrong for me. I also have my daughter, so she plays a big role in any and every decision that I make. I want to be a huge part of this industry for a long, long time, and I intend to try and make that my reality.

Nicole: Do you have any advice for those who want to start modeling?

Anna: The biggest piece of advice that I think I could give anyone starting out is just to know who you are. Don’t get instantly sucked into this world that seems so unreal and so fabulous, because it can really change who you are if you let it. Always make sure you are true to yourself, and you’ll be fine.

For more information on how to contact/book Anna Vega, please check out her profile on Model Mayhem