Farmers Participate in Wave of Quitting the Communist Party

By Yuan Shan, The Epoch Times
October 15, 2007 12:00 am Last Updated: October 15, 2007 12:00 am

As the number of people quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) approaches 27 million, farmers from Shandong Province, Henan Province, Shanxi Province, Inner Mongolia and the North Eastern region also decided to join in. The CCP depended on farmers in the civil war to establish its regime. Farmers in regions that the CCP first occupied during the civil war, devoted everything they had to the CCP. However, after seizing power, ironically the CCP began to neglect and discriminate against farmers. After its establishment, the CCP's policies branded farmers as second class citizens. The poorest social class in China is the farmers; they couldn't retire because they had no benefits or pensions. Also, they are the heaviest taxed class. Public funding for social welfare, birth control, roads, and other miscellaneous costs have all been loaded onto the backs of 900 million farmers.

A farmer from Anhui Province said in his declaration: “Because I couldn't afford to pay my taxes, they confiscated my crops and my cow. When I attempted to make an appeal for justice, they lied and said that I'd given them those items as a gift. Those with power suppress people like this. Today when I heard about the wave of quitting the CCP, I am very touched and I hereby declare withdrawal from the CCP, its Youth League and its Young Pioneers Team.”

Yiping from Inner Mongolia said that Shanghai's skyscrapers and Beijing's large theaters do not reflect China's economy. “Being able to send a few satellites up into space does not prove that the common Chinese people can put food on the table or clothes on their backs. Chinese farmers are suffering from extreme poverty as we speak. I hereby withdraw from the Communist Youth League.”

An anonymous Chinese man said that, “the CCP promised the farmers land, and so the farmers fought hard to give them power. After the CCP seized the power, it distributed the land. However, the land was taken away even before the first harvest. The CCP also confiscated forests, rivers and mines. On the surface they said that everything would be equally shared by the citizens. In reality, it is all privately owned, party-owned, or strictly speaking, owned by all significant figures of the CCP. Many Chinese citizens, including many party members, are unemployed and most have no property at all. I was young and immature when they persuaded me into joining the party. Now that I've grown and I am matured, I want to publicly announce my withdrawal from the party today. From now on, I will not be part of the evil CCP.”

Cai Yu from Gansu Province said, “I'm an illiterate farmer, and I have followed the path of the evil party for over half my life. In the past I was forced to become one of the Communist Red Guards, and participate in its evil organizations. Nevertheless, I also believe in our ancestors' faith in karmic retribution. I've decided to resign from the evil Communist Youth League, the Young Pioneers, and all other CCP related organizations. I hope to choose a pure and good future for myself.”