Far Cry 4: ‘Dude Bro’ in Far Cry 3 Prompted Changes

A writer with the “Far Cry” series elaborated on the story of “Far Cry 4,” which is slated for release later this year.

CJ Kershner, the writer, said that many gamers said there were issues with the premise of “Far Cry 3″. In the game, the white protagonist, Jason Brody, saves an island filled with dark-skinned people, leading to subtle cries of racism.

“A lot of people found Jason Brody problematic,” he said, according to Gamespot in a report a few days ago. “He was seen as a white savior, a kind of millennial dude bro.”

Kerhsner said that while he was writing for the game, he found a YouTube clip on “Far Cry 3” in which the narrator calls Brody an “Aryan warrior king.”

In the fourth game, the main character Ajay Ghale returns to his home in the Himalayas–the fictional country of Kryat.

“We wanted to know what draws people to that part of the world,” Kershner added. “We thought a lot about what kinds of stories we could tell against this dramatic backdrop.”

He also talked a bit about the gameplay.

“I was sitting on a hill with my camera [in Far Cry 3] surveying an outpost, and out of nowhere a tiger attacked me from behind. And rather than engage the tiger, I ran off, straight through the outpost, with the tiger in tow; and suddenly the tiger forgot about me and cleared the outpost for me. Not my original plan, but it worked out well anyway,” he said, adding that he hopes there’s more moments like these in the fourth game.

The executive producer of “Far Cry 4,” Dan Hay, talked more about the protagonist and villain, Pagan Min.

“Pagan Min wears that suit as an homage to his mom,” Hay told Polygon. “So when you’re making fun of the suit, you’re making fun of his mom. And I would not make fun of Pagan Min’s mom.”