Fantasy Football Week 3: FantasyPro’s Ultimate Expert Consensus Rankings

By Jim Liao
Jim Liao
Jim Liao
September 18, 2014 Updated: September 18, 2014

Here’s the skinny on fantasy football “experts”.

Their specialty is football knowledge. They simply know and follow all things football, and hence you feel assured following their rankings every week.

However, Fantasy football is an abstract game. In fact in a lot of ways it’s like gambling. It is trying to foresee and predict real life outcomes, which are unstable and unpredictable to begin with. 

In other words, to succeed in fantasy football, setting your weekly lineups to the tune of  just one expert is deceiving yourself. Every expert is wrong much more often than right. In fact, even setting your lineups according to the mu rankings of the several experts in your favorite fantasy interface(ESPN, Yahoo sports, etc) is not the best option. Actually, the above approaches aren’t bad if you just want some rankings as a simple reference when setting your weekly lineups.

But we fantasy football fanatics want more, as we are always looking for an edge.

FantasyPros Expert Consensus Rankings

Don’t we talk about sample size in statistics? Sure the 4-panel team on ESPN is nice, but wouldn’t a larger sample size of experts give you more assurance?

Here, we present to you Fantasypros’ Expert Consensus Rankings.

If you want sample size, they have calculated rankings using a compilation of 101 experts across various platforms, including the the guys from ESPN, Yahoo Sports, etc.

Heck, for you statistic heads, they even give you the max ranking and standard deviation for each player, and you can even hand pick your experts.

The green ‘start/sit advice’ button is also a very useful tool. Click on it, and you will find the most burning lineup questions of the week, along with each the picks of more than a multitude of experts.

And neither are IDP or dynasty leaguers left out. These consensus rankings span defensive positions as well, and along with the weekly positional rankings, there are rest of season and dynasty rankings.

Whats not to love? Be sure to check it out and make use of some of the best tools out there for fantasy footballers.


Jim Liao